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Aug 8, 2018
Q: What does Bettor TITO do for me?
A: Hands down one of the best aftermarket accessory you can add to your machine. Once installed you will not only be able print tickets from your machine but it will also be able to receive them!!! You also have the option to turn your machine into a Free Play machine and you can add credits by pressing the service button. With our Deluxe Product you can remotely add credits with your Smart Phone or tablet.

Q: How do I order?
A: Just go to the link below:

Q: What machine types are you compatible with?
A: Our current compatibility list includes:
IGT S2000 3 and 5 Reel Slots
IGT Vision Reel Slots
IGT S2000 Barcrest 3 and 5 Reel Slots
IGT Reel Touch 5 Reel Slots
IGT Game King and I-Game Plus Video slots
Bally Alpha1 3 and 5 Reel Slots
Bally Alpha1 Video Slots
Bally Alpha V20 and V32 Slots
Bally Alpha2 Video and Reel Slots
WMS Bluebird1 3 and 5 Reel Slots
WMS Bluebird1 Video Slots
WMS Bluebird2 3 and 5 Reel Slots
WMS Bluebird2 Video Slots

Q: Wow this sounds great!! Can I take a ticket from my machine to a local casino and cash in big?
A: Hehe...that would be nice, but the answer is NO. Bettor TITO is intended for home recreational use only and by design does not use the same protocol as a casino's validation server. If you did try it in a casino the machine would just reject it. Worse off you could attract unwanted attention to yourself and get ejected from the casino. In fact with Bettor TITO you can reuse and even reproduce tickets for use at your machine. This is a great feature as you can eliminate the need to have cash or coin around or stored in your machine. Just use tickets!!

Q: Once I install Bettor TITO can I still accept cash and coin in my machine?
A: Yes it will. But if you like, if you are using a WBA or UBA type bill validator we can show you how to disable its ability to accept any kind of cash or coin thus eliminating the risk of keeping funds sitting around or in your machine.

Q: Once I install Bettor TITO can I add credits by pushing the service button on my machine?
A: Yes it will with our Standard Unit and on our Deluxe you can from your Smart Phone or Tablet. Note on the Standard board you must tell is us in advance prior to placing your order that you want this feature as it is custom flashed for you. You can have any amount you want from 0-100,000 credits. Note that once flashed, you cannot change or disable the amount yourself. You can return for service at any time for a $5 fee plus return shipping to change or add to the amount.

Q: I installed Bettor TITO Deluxe and not all of the commands seem to work from my Web browser....why is that?
A: Typically we are finding that all functions should work for you accept perhaps the mute function. For some reason this does not work for all software setups for reasons we can't explain as we know TITO is sending the correct command. We can only conclude that the software design for your particular setup did not include that setting in their programming. If you have any other functions not working please contact us as this is likely a menu setting that needs adjusted.

Q: I have lots of different machine types. Will I be able to take a ticket from one machine and use it in another?
A: Yes!! As long as you are using a Bettor TITO product in a machine on our compatibility list, you will be able to take cash out a ticket of one machine and take it to another. You can cash out of a S2000 and take it to your Alpha, cash out, and take it to your Bluebird. They are all cross compatible.

Q: Can Bettor TITO be used in a casino or parlor machine?
A: NO. Bettor TITO is a HOME USE non-commercial product without validation. Tickets can be re-used from the cash box and they can also be photocopied and reused. They are not appropriate or intended for commercial play.

Q: What's the difference between Bettor TITO and Bettor TITO Deluxe?
A: Both devices give you Ticket-IN and Ticket-OUT functions on your machine. Bettor TITO Deluxe adds an Ethernet port and connectivity to your existing home Internet Service. Once connected you can access a unique command control interface for each of your machines from devices you likely already have in your home. It is compatible with any device that has a web browser and is connected to your existing home networks Router. Devices like Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops, and PC's. Checkout the list of unique functions you can now perform and the demonstration video to see it in action. Nothing else on the market competes with Bettor TITO Deluxe.

Q: Do I need to do any special wiring or invest in any additional networking devices to connect my Bettor TITO Deluxe?
A: There are a couple popular methods to connect your Bettor TITO Deluxe to your existing home network Router. One, and most economical, is to connect an Ethernet cable from the TITO device to an open port on your Router. If you have multiple machines, then you can run a short Ethernet cable from each machine to a Switch device that sits behind your machines (we require a certain make and model for about $15) and then from the switch you would run a single Ethernet cable to an open port on your Router. Two, and most popular, is to run an Ethernet cable from the TITO device inside each machine to a Switch ($15) which sits behind your machines. From the Switch you run a single Ethernet cable to a WiFi wireless extender device (certain make and model required for about $30) that plugs into a wall outlet behind your machines and connects wirelessly to your existing Router.

Q: Does Bettor TITO come with a manual?
A: We include a comprehensive and detailed installation manual in PDF format. It includes detailed instructions and photographs. We are also available for tech support via email or phone. For both the WMS and Bally Alpha machine types we even include a link to step by step videos to get you easily up and running!
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Aug 7, 2018
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I run the Deluxe TITOs in all my machines. Best add-on device for the price.
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